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About Me

One day while I was searching on the Internet for artist paints
I suddenly found myself at a website showing baby photos. I was wondering why!
When I read the text I found that the photos were not of real babies but of vinyl baby dolls! These vinyl baby dolls were painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints.

I was fascinated with this technique; you could paint on vinyl to make it look like skin!
I was also really fascinated with the hair.
It looked so realistic as if the hair grew out of the scalp!

A reborn artist was born!

The next months I researched everything I could about reborn baby dolls.

On the internet I bought a reborn baby doll - a reborned "Ashton Drake Emily"
because I had to see a reborn baby doll in person!

Then I ordered some doll kits and lots of supplies from The United States, The Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain.

I really like to make reborn dolls; it's fascinating. An unpainted doll kit is similar to an unpainted canvas it's exciting to see what it will look like when you are done.

Afterwards, I've met other reborn artists through the Internet, and they have been so kind helping me with tips and advice.

I'm also a portrait painter You can see my paintings here


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