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Reborn Process

Reborn baby dolls - are vinyl baby dolls you take apart and remove all the factory paint from. The vinyl parts are then put in a bath, and when they are absolutely dry, you can start painting.

Newborn baby dolls – are unassembled vinyl dolls which come unpainted and in separate parts, therefore they are ready to be painted.

However, I think that the word “Reborn baby doll” is the most common term for both.

I use Genesis Heat Set paints which are non-toxic
and are permanent when baked in the oven.
You can’t rub it off and it won’t fade.
You can even gently wash the painted vinyl.

The paints are applied in very thin layers between each baking in the oven. When I’m sathisfied with how the skin looks, I start to root the hair and eyelashes and this is very time consuming, as I apply one to two hairs at a time with a very thin rooting needle. It takes hours and hours! When I’m done I seal the hair from inside. The hair can then be styled using a baby brush, baby comb or your fingers. Also you can dampen the hair and then style it.

If it is an "awake doll" I insert new eyes into it.

Both the vinyl parts and the cloth body are weighted with poly pellets, little glass beads, soft granules (mimicking baby fat) and fiberfill. The limbs are then sealed after which I assemble them to the cloth body.

I don't use sand in my dolls.

Reborn baby dolls are delicately crafted and are not suitable for children to play with.

Reborn baby dolls should be handled with care like real babies – in that way your reborn baby doll will become an heirloom.


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